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July 27, 2021, 1:19 am

How the ‘Everyone’s Dhaka’ app will work

  • Update Time : الخميس, يناير 14, 2021
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Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) has come up with a mobile phone application ‘Sabar Dhaka App’ to solve civic problems. Authorities unveiled the app on January 11. Concerned parties say this will ensure accountability of city corporations and ward councilors. Citizens will be able to quickly report their problems and find solutions.

The app can be found by connecting the internet to any Android smartphone and searching for ‘Shobar Dhaka- Citizen portal for DNCC’ in the phone’s Play Store. After downloading the 11 MB app, you have to select the language and verify the mobile phone number. The user will then enter the main interface of the app with access to his name and location.

The app will have separate sections on roads, mosquitoes, garbage, street lights, public toilets, sewers, illegal installations. The user can select any category and report related issues and suggestions. For example, tapping the ‘Roads’ section to report a road problem or suggestion will bring up a form.

There will be options to write the relevant picture, address, problem type and details. If these are filled properly, the information will go to the executive engineer and ward councilor of the concerned area. Similarly health related issues can be reported to the health officer, waste officer for waste, property officer for illegal installation through this app.

As soon as the citizens complain, it will reach the city corporation. According to him, the concerned officials will see the problem on the spot and inform the user how long it will take to solve it. The probable time for resolution of the complaint will be informed within three days. And if you fail to reply, the senior officer will know it automatically. If not resolved, the matter will eventually go to North City Mayor Atiqul Islam as a complaint.

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