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Chhatra League demanded to open the hall and conduct the examination - Abr Times24
July 27, 2021, 1:06 am

Chhatra League demanded to open the hall and conduct the examination

  • Update Time : الثلاثاء, يناير 12, 2021
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The Islamic University authorities have decided to hold the final examination of undergraduate and postgraduate examinations by keeping the residential hall closed. The decision was taken at the 119th Academic Council of the Islamic University-EB on December 22. At the same time, it has been said that if any student is affected by corona, the authorities will not take his responsibility. It has also been allowed to take exams of different years in phases after the holidays. According to him, the departments have already started to take the test. However, the students objected to taking part in the examination without ensuring residential and transport facilities.

The students have been protesting on social media demanding to open the hall and take the exam. Progressive student organizations united with the demands of ordinary students. He demanded to take the examination environment and test by ensuring the transport and residential facilities of the students. Leaders and activists have already hinted to join the movement with ordinary students to realize their logical demands. On behalf of the general students, the hall has been opened and the examination has been organized. Since most of the students are not present in the online class, they have demanded to take the examination after completing the course through the review class. The leftist student alliance and student union have issued a statement in solidarity with this demand.

The student alliance statement said that if the exam is taken without residential facilities, the students will come from different places and take the exam. This will increase the spread of the deadly coronavirus. Also half the students were absent from the online class. Therefore, if the examination halls are opened and the examination is taken by ensuring the hygiene rules by arranging review classes, the health risk of the students will be reduced and the learning environment will be ensured. They have also made nine-point proposals to avoid health risks by opening residential halls. A statement from the student union said, “The decision of the Academic Council to close the dormitory hall and take the test is unreasonable and unreasonable.” Students will suffer a lot if the hall is closed and exams are taken. There are not enough accommodation facilities in the area around the university. It is also difficult for students to rent a mess during the exams. In a statement, the leaders said the university administration had raised the issue of Corona infection in order not to open the residential halls. But if there are more than one student in the same room in the mess, the risk of getting infected is even higher. In addition, there are many complications in the temporary accommodation system for those who come from far and wide to take the test, especially girls. In many cases their security can be compromised. So open the residential halls in compliance with the hygiene demands of the university administration. So that students can take part in the exam with good preparation.

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