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HSC results in mid-January - Abr Times24
July 27, 2021, 2:47 am

HSC results in mid-January

  • Update Time : الثلاثاء, يناير 12, 2021
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The results of HSC and equivalent examinations are stuck in the ordinance. The decision to give results on the basis of previous results without taking the test created 4 legal complications. An ordinance will be issued to resolve this situation and the results will be given to the candidates this time. Initiatives have been taken to reach out to the students through SMS. For this purpose, pre-registration of mobile phone numbers has started.

It is learned that the draft of the ordinance has been finalized and sent to the cabinet department. The January 4 meeting did not take place. Now, if the meeting is held on January 11, there is a possibility of approving the ordinance. Then the process of issuing it will start. The Ministry of Education is taking steps to release the results by January 15.

If you want to know the Secretary of the Ministry of Secondary and Higher Education. Mahbub Hossain told Jugantar, “We are working to release the results by January 15.” The necessary activities for the issuance of the ordinance are continuing. I hope it will be possible to publish the results within 2-3 days of the issuance of the ordinance.

Meanwhile, it is customary to hand over the summary of public examination results like SSC-HSC to the Prime Minister. But it has not been decided yet whether the summary of this year’s fruit will be handed over to the Prime Minister.

In such a process, the file is presented to the Prime Minister 10-12 days before the results are released. Then on the appointed day, the Education Minister along with the board chairmen gave a summary of the results. But so far no such step has been taken, according to policy-making sources in the ministry.

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