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How to wear bangles with any outfit? - Abr Times24
July 27, 2021, 2:15 am

How to wear bangles with any outfit?

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If you don’t wear bangles with sarees, then Bangaliana doesn’t look like a woman. That is why the ladies of Bengal wear bangles with their hands full of sarees. At present bangles of different designs are seen in the market.

There are colorful and style bangles with glass, wood, plastic, lace yarn, steel, stone placement. Besides, there are gold and silver bangles along with metal. Bang bangs in fashion as in the past; It is still going on today. Many people do not know how to wear bangles with any dress at the festival. And that’s why the whole look is ruined.

Suppose you wear a glass bangle with a Benarsi sari. This will ruin your whole look. Wear bangles then understand with clothing. Here are some tips in this regard- Suppose you are wearing a colorful sari over white. Then do not wear bangles to match the color of the sari. Wear dark colored yarn, printed or lace bangles with a little thick style on hand. Crooked, triangular or geometric bangles will suit.

During the wedding season, all women like to wear Benarsi or Katan sari. It gives the impression of tradition. If you wear Benarsi, you must wear a gold bracelet. You can also wear heavy bangles with metal golden stones. This will complete your outfit.

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