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July 27, 2021, 3:23 am

Apurba-Sabila’s love is brilliant!

  • Update Time : الخميس, يناير 14, 2021
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Apurba-Sabila is the most talked about couple of the time. With a few plays, they have cut a mark in the minds of the audience. This time the drama of Valentine’s Day is coming with this romantic couple. Its name is ‘cover page’. Turning the page, another story – Ferrari Farhad wrote the screenplay of the play with such a slogan.

Regarding the ‘cover page’, which has just finished shooting, actor Apurba said, ‘Not all people can be understood outside. Looking at the cover, one cannot understand what the book is like. That’s why you have to read the whole book. In the same way, no human being should be judged by looking at it from the outside.

The drama of love genre has been created by focusing on this very issue. I hope the audience will enjoy. The name of Apurba’s character in this play is Uday. He will be seen in the role of a young man who has left the neighborhood. Although the man is different. Sabila will be seen in the role of Neepar, the daughter of a government official. Uday’s misunderstanding with the playful and brave Neepar continues for various reasons. At one point they fall in love. Saberi Alam, Rasheda Akhter, Siam Nasir and others have also acted in different roles in this play.

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